Soundwave ((5)) Humanities is off and running!

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After last night’s stellar kickoff party at the Academy of Science, ME’DI•ATE’s fifth season of their Soundwave Festival is looking to be a force in the Bay Area this summer.  Shane and I are in the final stages of writing and rehearsing a piece for their July 21 show “The Future Bionic” at the LAB (psst . . . go buy tickets) and we’ve been having a wonderful time taking the instrument we designed to various events for people to explore and play with.

The perfomance, SEER, is about the human desire to know the future – even, or perhaps especially, when it can’t be understood.  We’ve taken texts from old newspaper horoscopes, the Oracle at Delphi and writings about Chinese oracle bones and tied them together with this light-activated instrument and a lot of music.

So, it looks like we’ll be spending the weekend rehearsing and programming and generally have a great time.

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