UP Festival – This Saturday, 10/20

Urban Prototyping Festival: Saturday, October 20 12:00pm-10:00pm


This outdoor festival is taking place in the small streets between 5th + Mission and 6th +  Howard.  Along with with the usual food, music and beer garden, there are also bunch of design and technology projects being presented with the goal of rethinking how we use and innovate in our public space. Shane and I will be hanging 19 loudspeakers in an approximate grid of San Francisco at the corner of Mission and Mary.

Good Fences Make Good Neighborhoods is a data sonification experiment that takes information about tides, trees, language demographics, transport and and wind in San Francisco and interprets them musically and spatially with the dual hopes of clarifying the data and making something beautiful.  Bring your thoughtful ears and hungry bellies – we’d love to see you!

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