Emily Shisko is a Bay Area composer, performer and teacher.  Her most current works live in the intersection between traditional compositional methods and experimental and electronic performance and installation practices. She is also a dedicated teaching artist, children’s choral director and early childhood music specialist.

A native of Long Beach, California, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Composition and Theory from her hometown school CSULB where she studied under Carolyn Bremer, Robin Cox and Bruce Miller. She was awarded the Paul C. Lindsey III Memorial Scholarship for achievement in composition.

After spending several years cultivating a studio of 30+ students and accompanying choirs, church services and soloists of all sorts she packed her things and moved to Boston.  There, she earned her Master’s Degree in composition at the Boston Conservatory where she studied under Andy Vores, Jan Swafford and Osvoldo Golijov. She was the recipient of the conservatory’s 2007 Roger Sessions Memorial Composition Award. In the summer of 2006, she attended the renowned École des Beaux-Arts at Fontainebleau where she studied music theory with Isabelle Duha and composition with Allain Gaussin and François Paris.

Emily was a co-founder and artist with the Whitehaus Family Record, a performing arts collective and venue in Boston. The weekly Hoots that defined the collective’s early years had a profound effect on her musicianship. She continues to participate in festivals and friendship with the musicians, poets and performers there.

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