SEER @ the Lab – Saturday July 21, 8 pm

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As you can see, our rehearsal setup is a little on the cramped side.  I guess that’s what we get for building a table and hanging 13 organ chimes in a San Francisco apartment. In spite of our current near-fire-hazard living conditions, we’re getting really excited about this weekend’s performance of SEER at the Lab.  The other performers, Jay Kreimer and Diana Burgoyne, are doing some really fascinating stuff as well, so I’m excited for how many of our friends will be coming to the show.  On that note, last weekend’s show was standing room only, so get you’re tickets now if you want to guarantee a spot!

Soundwave ((5)) Humanities is off and running!

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After last night’s stellar kickoff party at the Academy of Science, ME’DI•ATE’s fifth season of their Soundwave Festival is looking to be a force in the Bay Area this summer.  Shane and I are in the final stages of writing and rehearsing a piece for their July 21 show “The Future Bionic” at the LAB (psst . . . go buy tickets) and we’ve been having a wonderful time taking the instrument we designed to various events for people to explore and play with.

The perfomance, SEER, is about the human desire to know the future – even, or perhaps especially, when it can’t be understood.  We’ve taken texts from old newspaper horoscopes, the Oracle at Delphi and writings about Chinese oracle bones and tied them together with this light-activated instrument and a lot of music.

So, it looks like we’ll be spending the weekend rehearsing and programming and generally have a great time.

The Photo Album is Up and Running

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After some initial birthing pains which I admit were most strongly felt by Shane, All On a Windy Day had a successful maiden voyage at the Whitehaus Family Record’s We are Guest Talk, Free: $10, hosted at the Cambridge YMCA.

All On a Windy Day is an interactive multimedia piece combining the visual aesthetics of photo albums and illustration with a series of interactive musical pieces which are collaborations between Shane and me.  As each page of the stylized album is turned, new music begins and the listener is invited to “play” the page like an instrument, changing the music, modifying the sounds and creating a unique version of the piece.

The Album can next be seen on September 23 & 24 at PLAYBACK > SoundLab, hosted by ME’DI.ATE and ARUP Acoustics.  It’s going to be an exciting show, so take a look for more info: