I began giving private piano lessons when I was 14 years old.  My wonderful piano teacher, Claire Tschirky, had a huge waiting list with students sometimes waiting years for a slot to open up.  At her suggestion, I began teaching these beginning students the basics and setting them on the right course so that when they moved on to Ms. Tschirky they were ready for her expert instruction. I can’t stress how generous she was to include me in her studio as an apprentice teacher!  She couldn’t have know that teaching would be one of the most satisfying and enjoyable aspects of my professional life, but I’m deeply grateful for the early opportunity to find out.

The ideal age for a child to begin learning an instrument is usually around six or seven, but I’ve taught beginners of all ages.  All of my students learn to read music and will have an understanding of the form and historical context of the pieces they learn, regardless of the style of music they’re most interested.  Music theory is also an important tool in interpreting music and one that I greatly enjoy teaching my students to understand and use.  My student’s will also be encouraged to improvise and compose their own music.

The study of music has a wide range of benefits at any stage of life.  There is a significant link between musical study and academic performance, especially reading skills, and the tools used in learning a piece can keep the mind alert and active and can help sharpen the memory.  The self-discipline of daily practice and the creative satisfaction of learning and interpreting a piece of music can also reduce stress and increase patience.  And, of course, the sense of joy and accomplishment achieved when you are able to play and perform the music you love.

Lessons can take place in my home or yours, although rates differ slightly for in-home lessons.

My rates are reasonable and I offer family discounts.

If you’re interested in lessons, drop me a line and set up a trial lesson!